Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gay Mariage

OK I have thought about this for a long time. I have this friend who thinks being gay is a choice and all it takes is self control. He knows this because that is what his church=like literature tells him. See, if you didn't realize it, God made man beautiful and temps other men with delectable man ass. Yes man as, always so close and offering the promises and acceptance in ways that can not be spoken.

Man ass the irresistible siren call to all men. The Holy Grail, the pinnacle of all things sexual, yeah Man Ass is fashizzle!

Except for the simple problem that most men are not only not attracted to another man's ass, they in fact revolted at the thought. Not in a judgementy, preachy way, just a simple, "You don't turn me on" kind of way. Which seems almost more cruel than condemnation. Regardless, about 90% of men are not turned on by plumber's butt.

So if seeing men all around me and not feeling the urge to go all gay on my nearest neighbor, what the fuck is the problem?

Ohhhhhhhh some people can be too gay to be around your little children! I get it! You are not secure in your child's sexuality and assume he/she he-she will go all flaming fag on you and make you embarrassed at the club! You are assuming your genetic progeny leans towards the lads!

Nope gay is not contagious. Yet America is the land of the free to all but the rump ranger set. As a nation we have cast our moral judgement on 10% of the general population. A group that can't contain their desire for same sex. The argument gets even more ludicrous in the explanation, "If God had wanted gay marriage he would have given us Adam and Steve."

Yeah America says Gay marriage is wrong because Gos says marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

But if the argument is a religious argument, then why not leave the decision to the churches? You know, keep the state out of church business. Presbyterian Churches recognize gay couples. Why is America not pissed off gay people CAN'T be married?

Just a thought


Avitable said...

It's a thought that I have, too, and can't figure out why the hell anybody would care about what two consenting adults do with each other.

Cris said...

I am glad you could figure out what I tried to write. Friends should not let friends blog with sleep deprived. I swear after 4 days without solid sleep I was a zombie. I kind of know what IO wanted to say but couldn't keep my eyes open.

And I think you are right. If two people can find real happiness by being together, who in the hell has the right to tell them they can't have happiness?