Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Family Problems

SO I got a call a few minutes ago. My father was in an accident and hurt pretty badly. He has at least 5 broken ribs and a punctured lung. The local rural hospital is not equipped to deal with his injuries so they are medi-flighting him to Wichita. My Mother in law is not in good health, so in the morning, Mrs. Cris will drive out by the Panhandle and bring my MIL here to stay with us. I will either leave in the morning or sometime tonight... depending on what I am compelled to do. Logic says wait til morning.

I will miss a few more days posting. But last night I wrote a post ahead. I hope it helps fill in the gaps.

Little Crissy (like Grandpa Cris) had a bad day today. She semi-wrecked her car. Only real damage was to a tire but it scared her. On the other hand I had a real good day. Everything seemed to work out beautifully for me all day. It was a good day, even little Crissy's wreck was good for me. It teaches her to be more cautious with a minimum of damage.

I hope my luck holds for old PeePaw.


Avitable said...

Hope your dad's okay.

Cris said...

Thank you. He is in a great amount of pain, which it looks like he will have to deal with for some time. However he is having great fun with all the pretty lil nurses.

Anonymous said...