Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dominating the Internet

I want to manipulate the internet, and I need your help. My old blog, Y2K Survivor, used the be the first thing that popped up when you Googled the name. But Opprobrious isn't. I need to know how to manipulate Google, so that when you enter Opprobrious into the search engine, my blog pops up first and frequent.

I know it's possible, because when I want to search for stuff, some marketing company has flooded the search engine with crap I don't want and hides all the good stuff. And THAT'S what I want to do! I want to hide all of the good quality things that are Opprobrious and direct more people to my blog.

Imagine how many millions of people are out there Googling "Opprobrious" right now. They need to be sent to me! They should all be mine! I will rule the Opprobrious world and they shall be my Opprobrious minions that bow at my feet and worship me.

OR... maybe more han just my Mom will read my blog.

Right Mom? ....Mom...? ...Mommy? .... Crap!

OK maybe more than just me will read this blog. sheeesh

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