Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The World Changed

OK I really want to do an I told you so post. I mean I REALLY want to point out a few things everybody should have seen, what half a nation has been pissed off about for the past 12 years and what the other half of the nation has cavalierly disregarded to the point of total economic ruin.

First of all, if you ever voted for G.W. Bush you need to shut the fuck up. Period. Everybody with a freaking brain and a basic sense of responsibility saw the policies of this group would ruin a nation. Shut the fuck up about finger pointing. Your whiny ass "me me me" attitude has not only ruined a nation but has actually ruined a shot of what you call Democracy.

OK that seems strong and opinionated and without basis, right? But your Government (I never voted for nor endorsed this group. I even refuse to refer to Dubya as my President because it was obvious he was wrong) The corporate favoritism and cronyism of this administration led to ultimate power which led to ultimate corruption fueled by ultimate greed. Corporate elite stood out with their hands out like a bucket brigade at a huge fire. (Hey I enjoyed trying to make a metaphor so much, I think I'll show off with the next sentence) The fear mongers and Bushites were burning all their bridges as they "bailed out" all the cash they could, to feather their own nest. (wiggeling eyebrows with a self-satisfied smirk)

So our two party system has just failed. WHAT?!! You heard... read me! You just ruined our two party system! See, the Conservative Republicans have the view that on the extream says you must have a totally free market system in order to have real freedom. The Liberal Democrats believe you have to have Government Regulations to ensure a fair distribution of wealth and encourage prosperity. Only the Republicans took over the Government and created extrema right wing policy... and the system just failed! Miserably! By the right wing people running the show!

The Washington Times reports this morning that with the Government stepping into the banking business there will be world wide life changes in both the financial sector and the social sectors. Does this imply we could be headed back to a Feudal type Government? Free markets will no longer control the money supply as now the Government is in charge. This change has happened not just in America but across Europe as the controller of the World's purse strings has been placed in the hands of a select few, due to mismanagement. Yeah, mismanagement of the guy YOU elected.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy capsulized the trend in Europe last week when he declared that the world has seen the end of free-market economies that dominated in the last century.

"Laissez faire, it's finished. The all-powerful market that is always right, it's finished," he said. We would, he added, need "to rebuild the entire global financial and monetary system from the bottom up, the way it was done at Bretton Woods after World War II."

I want to be perfectly clear on this matter. I don't know what the hell that means. I don't know what the hell the future will hold. I do know in 1980 when the economy was out of control Ronald Reagan said the answer was to stop spending and start saving. He created IRAs and other self-funded retirement savings programs. Encouraging saving rather than spending strengthened the dollar. Yet today's Right Wing Conservative is anything but conservative (other than wanting life like it was on TV shows in the 1950s, unrealistic and unattainable) so there is no savings. In fact, today's average Right Wing Conservative voter spends every dollar he/she makes then borrows more and spends that as well, with the hopes there will be enough money in the future. So the end result is the welfare abusers were never the problem. It was the working class Republicans who blindly followed the pied piper of pseudo conservatism happily jumped on the band wagon of the current (mis)leaders voted out nation and our way of life into total ruin. You voted away the American way of life.

Jim Dorn of Cato Journal says, "The danger is that U.S. sovereign debt itself will be downgraded, not by official rating agencies but by global capital markets. It seems highly likely that the bailout will mean higher interest rates and lower asset prices, and do nothing to increase domestic saving" needed to restore health and balance to the economy.

Chances are the above quote doesn't bother you. Chances are you never even read this far. Chances are you don't even think this is a big deal and Sara Palin will save the day because she's a Maverick and a MILF. Just like you thought Bush would restore honor to America because some church guy thought blow jobs by young interns were a bad thing. But there has always been half the nation that screamed from the highest mountain top that your vote would ruin us all. It did. Take responsibility for being a dumbass, learn from your mistake and while your at it... you might as well admit I TOLD YOU SO!


Miss Britt said...

I am madly in love with this post.



People SCREAM about "no! no! socialism!" and I want to say "maybe you should have fucking thought about that before it got THIS DAMN FAR!"

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Bush supporter, but it seems insincere to try to lay this all at his feet, or even at the feet of the Republican party.

Take a look at They have a nice bulleted list of the the proximate causes of the current problems.

Cris said...

Britt: Awww you make me blush... in all the right places.

Ren: You are right. We all allowed this to happen. And to tell you the truth I am not sure who is to blame. The best explanation I can think of was a bumper sticker I saw once. "This isn't a Government, it's an auction!"