Friday, October 17, 2008


Yup I am on a binge, a binder, an all out consumption overload where I take inso much I am sick for days. I am sad to announce I am binge eating!

About six or seven years ago old Dr. John told me I was type II (fat ass) Diabetic. He said I should go low carbohydrate to control blood sugar. So I did. And for years I have been pretty faithful to that restrictive diet except for this past month. Stuck in a hospital with my father and eating cafeteria food, I was surrounded by breaded concoctions and even a few deserts. SO I went off the low carb reservation, so to speak.

Once I got home I have tried to resume my "keep my fuggin feet" diet, but then I have business lunches I must attend. Some are good and I can replace mashed potatoes with cottage cheese and have a plain grilled hunk of meat. But there are days we eat Chinese food. Even though they are buffets I can't pass up a little General Tso, egg rolls, dumplings (I LOVE dumplings) egg foo young, and spring rolls... ok and maybe some fresh fruit.

I had Chinese for the past two days and tonight we get in from a family funeral and there is nothing to eat so I make a grilled ham and cheese then add ranch flavored crackers and polish it off with some kind of Oreo cake! And now I can't be stopped! I am on a full blown bender! I ran to the cupboard, threw wide the doors and found the vastness of space looking back at me. The freakin thing is bare!!

So I either need to go to bed and feel guilty or make a pizza run. Digorno's anybody?


Lisa said...

Hey there. I wish I could low carb.. but everytime I try I get really ill.

Wed. of this week I'm going to a seminar about bariatric surgery.. I think I'm getting a lapband. (I won't do a gastric bypass, I think it's too dangerous) Insurance approved me a year ago, but then cancer raised it's ugly head and everything else was put on a back burner.

Have you ever thought about lapbanding? One of my doctors has had it done and he loves it.

Cris said...

As a state employee my Insurance states up front they do not cover any form of bariatric surgery. We have talked about it in my office and we have a Doctor on one of my committees that says it is the only effective long term weight control method he has ever seen. It seems something like 90% of all diet and exercise plans fail within the first two years. NOBODY talks about that, so it sets up a terrible cycle of guilt and shattered self confidence.

Please tell me how you got the the Insurance to cover it. I would consider it. Although I hear it makes you deathly ill for several months.

Lisa said...

We have private pay insurance, not group so I suppose that along with my morbid obesity got the approval. I also have fought this battle for 20 or more years with various diets, so that probably helped too.

Some people are really sick afterwards and some are not. It all depends on the individual. And you might be thinking of the RNY folks who do go through the "dumping" symptoms if they're not REAL careful.

If you're really curious, there's a group on yahoo called DFWBandsters (started as a Dallas-Fort Worth group, but now is international) that has lots of information, and even has hints to help you deal with insurance companies.

And if that doesn't work.. there's self-pay. AND if that is a huge stumbling block.. there's medical tourism. Yeah I know.. but after reading about others experience, I'm not so leary.

really come and join the yahoo group, you'll learn a lot.

Lisa said...

Actually I don't know the details on how my insurance gave approval.

One week after my hyst, I get a phone call from the bariatric surgeon's office saying that my insurance had approved me. I wasn't really in the mood to discuss MORE abdominal surgery at that time. LOL

Cris said...

Thank you, I just might pop in! I shared the info with others I know that have expressed an interest.