Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can't Post

I can't post tonight. I have been trying for the past two hours and I just can't do it. NO! I am not blog impotent! It still works baby, it works just fine. In fact I could post all night long if I wanted to, but the fact is, tonight I can't do it because of personal and professional reasons.

What's the problem? Would a little dirty talk help out baby..? Uh yes it would! Please Email for my cell number, all my incoming calls are free! No, actually, if talking dirty were enough (and it is) I was rearing to go after reading Snackie's post about sexuality. In fact, I thought about posting on that subject for a brief shining moment, then remembered my children and friends and mother read this blog. ...or at least claim they do. So some topics are better left zipped up, so to say.

What I keep replaying over and over is something from work. I did my job. I did it as it should have been done. I would love to talk about it, but I have co-workers that read this blog (so they claim) and that would be inappropriate and probably a violation of some HR rules that would get my wide ass fired. Which sucks, because it is here that I feel like I can unburden my thoughts and share them with those that care enough to actually read this far.

But that I can't do. Not tonight. Not about work. And that is what lays on my mind and it is what I need to unburden myself about, and it just aint gunna happen. Not tonight, so I can't post.


Anonymous said...

Good Call on not posting, I feel your pain freind....


Cris said...

what the fuck's a "Freind?"