Tuesday, November 18, 2008

late night post

Mrs Cris: Why are you not home yet?

Me: I just left (little town near Tulsa) I will be home in an hour. We need to grab a bite and then drive to Talequah to get Dad's pickup.

Mrs. Cris: But you're still an hour away and Talequah is over 90 minutes away! Why tonight?

Cris: Because I have play practice tomorrow and Thursday we have the Parks Board meeting at 5pm and the After School Program Board at 7pm. Then Friday we have to take Dad his pickup and drive our new car home. Tonight is the only night we have to drive to Talequah.

Mrs. Cris: But.. what am I supposed to get out of all this?

Cris: Oh yeah, have you bought all the food for Thanksgiving yet? I invited a lot of people over. Be sure to get extra pie makings.

Mrs. Cris: You owe me Big time fat boy. BIG. TIME.

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