Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gayest Place on Earth Hates Homos!

If you head has been stuck in the sand over the past few months, maybe you don't know that the Right Wing Conservatives stood up to take back the morality of the West Coast. The state that a couple of years ago said it would not deny happiness to people who choose to live together in monogamous bliss, sharing lives and property and living the American dream... That state got out the vote and told the friends of Dorothy to keep it in their pants cuzz "Marriage is only between a man and a woman."

Now I have a real problem with this and it is NOT just because I think it would be hot to watch Ellen and Portia... and I do! Frankly I don't care what religion you are, color you are, economic status you are... You have the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. That is the fundamental American value. You don't get any more American than that. But to deny marital rights to couples who have chosen to share their lives together based on some interpretation of Biblical scripture, an interpretation that is not even universally embraced by the country's leading churches, is flat ass wrong!

This week America tossed aside old prejudices and chose the first African American President to lead the most powerful nation. We chose to go with smart rather than fear and ignorance. Then in the same day we cast bigoted hate votes that prevent loving couples from the same rights we all should enjoy. It just is not fair nor reasonable. Worse, after many couples (Ellen and Portia; Rambo and Steven Segal; Xena Warrior Princess and the Mushroom chick from Mario Brothers) got married and began a life of accepted wedded bliss, the most liberal state in the Union turned around fucked them! Yeah, right up the ass! Which is, let's face it California... pretty freakin gay.

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