Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yes I changed my banner a bit. Yes I have been missing more daily posts lately. Maybe I am living life more and retreating to my computer room less. Maybe I am more busy with the new job and I get tied up replying to emails or sharing information with my community partners. Maybe I stayed out too late drinking Orange colored alcoholic drinks while watching Oklahoma State quit in the fourth quarter... again.

On the other hand, B.F. Skinner says if you want to train an animal to do what you want, you should not reward them every time they give you the desired response. See, if you do that, the animal will only come for the treat and lesson is never learned. Skinner says to mix it up, give treats sometimes for the desired behavior, praise the desired behavior and scold any variation.

What... You think I am going to bitch that more people are not reading my blog so I can cash in on the gazillions of dollars other people make? Nawww, that's not me. I enjoy the game. I like the opportunity to share and maybe develop an improved writing skill.

As the year draws to an end I am sure there will be many tales of my growing children facing the holidays with a different outlook. My daughter is realizing her time as a child is nearly over and she feels the fear and anxiety that comes with losing the security of always having an older, wiser person in charge. My son is growing body hair and his voice is changing. He speaks more aggressively and is constantly telling his family members "I outta BEAT you!"

It's an age thing with him. His sister went through nearly the same thing at the same age. The nature of the beast, so to say. I try to deal with it as a caring and loving father and will often even turn down the volume on the TV before offering my sage advice, "You need to quit writing checks your butt can't cash!"

Such is life at the Opprobrious house. Endless days filled with love, wonder and growth... with the occasional threat of a 13 year old beating.


Avitable said...

People make gazillions of dollars?

Cris said...

ok... dollars. Is THAT more accurate? I wonder what that Dooce chick makes? I think her blog is all she and that dead beat husband do for a living. And mostly she just takes pictures of how she tortures her dogs. Sheeesh I have real KIDS I can torture for fun and profit!! I want my piece of the grammatically incorrect pie!

But wasn't it a blog that allowed you to have your own clothing line? That makes you a mogul like Mary Kate and Ashley or Kathy Lee Gifford. That means the only way you could be even MORE awesome was if you picked ME to win that Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD set. Really! I don't lie about awesomeness... usually.