Sunday, November 23, 2008

Whaaa? I Missed a Post?

OK first of all in my defense for not posting last night... OU kicked Texas Tech's ASS and might even have jumped back into contention for the National Championship! Second of all, I was at a friend's house, where, after a few drinks we decided we should drive to another friend's house because they had the biggest TV. Finally... there was alcohol involved and the night ran late.

So Friday, as soon as school was out, we took off for PeePaw's house. We drove his used truck that he just bought from his sister, and spent the night with my Dad. We needed to check up on him and see how he is getting along 7 weeks after shattering his right side, breaking most all his ribs, his clavicle, puncturing his lung and tearing his liver. And... he had a friend of his buy a Program Car (Malibu) for me at a little over wholesale. So we thought we should get that while we were there.

We really like the car. My buddies are jealous, which is a bonus, and they tell me that "a little over wholesale" was a hell of a savings! Go PeePaw!

Saturday started with a casual visit as we drank coffee. Then I made breakfast for the family with Dad coming in from time to time to make sure I didn't cause the world to come to an end with badly scrambled eggs. Then Dad suggested we go over to his garden where he had turnips.

Now I don't know nuttin bout no turnips. I bought one last year and put it in some corned beef around St. Paddy's day, but really, I don't know anything about the plant. Dad said to peel it and make it like mashed potatoes.. but don't pour gravy on it. By the way, that answer to my question was made with a look that clearly said "Dumbass."

So Dad drives us over there in his new, used truck. Then walked through the garden and begins pulling turnips out of the ground and cutting away the greens. Did I just mention that he was lying unconscious in a Hospital with his entire freakin side SHATTERED and chest tubes coiled up around his punctured lungs less than 2 months ago??

Who the hell does that? What 66 year old man can do that? I am 46 and I couldn't do that! We had a great time, but in all honesty, Dad didn't look like he wanted to visit much after that, so we loaded up the new Malibu and drove home to watch football. Oh yeah.. and not post on Saturday.

P.S. The BCS just announced that OU did not jump Texas for the #2 position and is now ranked #3 and might not be in contention for the national championship.

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