Thursday, November 13, 2008


I grew up in the late 60s and early 70s. This was the day of the manufactured music of the Monkeys and The Partridge Family. This set the stage for later manufactured pop stars like Brittany, New Kids on the Block and that fat chick who can't seem to pick a note to sing and stay with it.

When I was a kid this song was a huge part of my life. You heard it all the time on the radio and cereal companies printed it on the cereal boxes. I am not kidding here, you had to eat a box of cereal and then using all of your 8 year old skills, scissor out the round 45 rpm shape. Then when your parents were not looking you tried to spin this semi round chunk of cardboard (whith sugary goodness still clinging to the backside) on the Pioneer Turntable you were banned by "pain of death" from ever touching. Sure it sounded like crap and it ruined the needle on the turntable and caused ants to invade the felt pad. Sure our parents never forgave us. But it was real manufactured rock and roll baby, and it was made specifically for us by the people who made nutritous, fried, sugary, breakfast foods. Life was good. Short... but good.

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