Tuesday, November 25, 2008


AOL did one of those silly polls where they ask you to list the most and least noble professions. Out of the list provided, Nurses were the most noble profession, besting clergy and school teachers, while car salesmen were the scum of the Earth.

Now I have to admit I put lobbyist on the bottom rung of the ladder. I have to deal with them in my job. They write policy that allows kids access to alcohol and drugs and set up a life time of deadly addictions for profit. They are, in my opinion only worthy to be lined up and gut shot. Left in the hot baking sun to suffer in mortal pain for hours and hours. Hopefully, they will make use of that time to beg God forgiveness for not being of a sweet, kind of giving nature like myself. Bastards.

But then I thought about it, after I cast my vote. Let's face it, in my heart I was raised and will probably always be a conservative Republican... even if all the other Okies call me a flaming Liberal. But I got to thinking about it, and I don't think Lobbyists think of all the lives they ruin when they walk into a Congressman's office, smooze him/her with gifts and provide a pre written policy that creates greater profits for the company. I think they focus on the job. In most cases, when they are asking for seduced deadbeat credit card holders to be relegated to a lifetime of un payable debt, they are thinking of system abusers and divine justice. When they think of exclusive rights to life saving medicines, they are not thinking of the people who will go without due to unaffordable prices, they are focused on corporate rewards for the winning team.

A car salesman like you might find at DAVID STANELY FORD IN OKLAHOMA CITY on the other hand is really the scum of the Earth. They might tell a family an outright lie just to get them to drive all the way across a fucking state and THEN tell them the car they promised to hold... just had the engine fall out or the transmission seize up. Those guys know they are lying out of the box. They exist off of dishonesty.

So, like most Republicans SHOULD feel over the past eight years, I really regret the way I voted. I wish I could do it all over again, but it is too late and I will have to live with the consequences of making a bad choice. I just hope it doesn't effect you, my friends, in too negative of a way.

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