Friday, November 28, 2008

A Day of Rest

So the boy and I started off hauling firewood. The girls went shopping so the house was still pretty trshed from Thanksgiving. Once the firewood was stacked and put away we hauled in the Christmas boxes and the empty Thanksgiving decoration boxes. We took down the old decorations and cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom.

I had my son put away all the clean dishes and told him I would clean the rest of the kitchen, which, trust me, is a huge mess after I have been cooking in it. WHen I say scrubbed it from top to bottom, I am not kidding. I am a bit of a mess. As soon as the boy finished his part, he was on the phone to his friends.

"Dude you gotta help me out here. I'm home alone with my Dad and he's in one of those WORK moods! You gotta let me stay over at your house, I can ride it out there and he will be back in his recliner once the football games start."

"What do you mean you are out of town?!! When will you be back? Do you hide an outside key I could use? He won't know, and I can just go in your room and play video games. ..... well then when will you be back? WHEN?!! Oh man, I gotta make some more calls! Bye."

So we brought all the storage boxes up on the porch but I would not let them in the house. The field mice had been all over them and I felt they smelled bad. That meant we would take the decorations out of the boxes and carry them into the house until the box was empty and can be returned to the storage building. About 12 hours after we started hauling firewood we were emptying the final box when the girls came home. The boy hitched a ride with them to some kid's house... I don't really care which one because honestly... I am beat!

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