Saturday, November 8, 2008

Don't Do As I Do But As I Say I Didn't

OK So an old buddy calls and invites me to come to Tulsa (an hour away) and watch the OU game at a local pub (Called Dirty's) then he says cryptically that he failed to do something for reasons we will have to talk about later. As a good friend I went to said pub where I was treated to glass after glass of Crown and diet coke. IN fact, my old buddy was so toasted he would order another round and then pour his dink into mine.

So after OU kicked hell out of Texas A&M we moved bars and watched most of OSU lose to Texas Tech before I was told my buddy just spent a little too much this month and he needs to cut back. Then I am poured into my car and sent home.

You know what I need to do now...? Drunk dial... comment on somebody's blog! That's what I freakin need to do man! Drunk comment!


D-USA said...

Just commend on mine, you gotta be drunk to read the crap I come up with anyway....

Cris said...

Hey I like your Blog. It is deep and thoughtful and I can brag I (kind of) hang out with firemen so the chicks will think I'm cool too. .... uh.... still waiting for THAT little dividend to pay off.

:::::: still waiting::::::::