Monday, November 3, 2008

Probably Already In The News

So there is this story going around that old French soothsayer Nostradamus predicted the outcome of tomorrow's election and the old fucker wins! The theory is Frenchy calls McCain Feeble and Palin his queen.

At the war's end
The Feeble Kept-One will strike down the Night
And his Imbecile Queen will rise from the snow
Bedecked in finery and the pelt of a wolf.

OK OK OK see I can see this as saying Obama grew up like Steve Martin, a poor black child. I don't know nuttin about his wife, so I would have to let that one go. Although when I read this the first time that imbecile Queen really threw me. I had no idea what it meant. Then the news story showed the second stanza.

"In five moons, the Feeble Kept-One is no more
And his Imbecile Queen sees the Great Bear
From her backyard, alrighty, and flings giant poison arrows
And the Great Bear responds in kind, and, well, The End.

Oh shit! OH SHIT! HOLY SHIT!! OK I agree it's about McCain and we are all going to die! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh Shit!

Maybe it's all made up like that fake Nostradamus story following 9-11, ya think? Please? Huh? Don't cha? Huh? Huh? Oh shit!


Anonymous said...

yes it's made up.
Century X, Quatrain 78
actually reads:

Sudden joy to sudden sadness, It will occur at Rome for the graces embraced: Grief, cries, tears, weeping, blood, excellent mirth, Contrary bands surprised and trussed up

Cris said...

Thanks. I thought it might be, based on the advertisements on the sidebar. The funny thing is AOL (owned by Time/Warner) reported it as a real news story and linked to the fake news website. This is like the third time I have caught AOL linking to fake news.

Does that make them Republican?