Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Holiday Tale

So there I was in Tulsa. I had finished up my meetings and I had more scheduled for late into the night. But for now, I had some free time. Since taking this unofficial and unpaid position at work my time has been absolutely consumed as I am trying to do all of the work I did before and make up for the lack of staff that wont be filled until after New Years. But for now, I had some time.

I got to thinking that if it stays this way I will never have time to get my wife thoughtful and considerate holiday gifts. OK, let's be honest. I am not known for thoughtful gifts. Usually I have a female co worker go with me and I ask them to help me look thoughtful, and price is no object, up to $50. Normally I pick a nice gift and then a bunch of gag gifts. One year I guess my daughter and I got carried away with the gags so now I try to stick to what works... let others tell me how to look thoughtful.

Except yesterday I screwed up the plan. I stopped by Best Buy to see if they still had the TV I wanted ta the price I liked. They didn't. So I went by Target and walked around and saw nothing that looked wifey. Finally I left the electronics and sex toy aisles and walked over to women's clothing. Once I sucked it up and stepped into chick world, I think I did an excellent job! I think I got some of the best buys on the clearance rack and then I got her some nice matching fake jewelry and some work out clothes because she just got a new family membership to the local Y.

So... what do you think? Is this gunna be the best Christmas ever or what?!!

Later, I got home, slipped the presents into my daughter's room and tell her we need to wrap them very carefully because Mom cheats worse than the little brother! She always peeks or something, because she ALWAYS knows what she is going to get. So we discuss how we need boxes and wrapping paper and we need to mark out the prices so she doesn't think we are real cheap. (eh-hem) And we have a plan we think will work.

Then tonight my Mrs. Cris is grinning from ear to ear at dinner as she admits, "I found your credit card receipt."

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