Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random Thoughts

OK the elections are past. I feel bad for the gay bashing in a few states, but then again I feel even worse about the uneducated faith based morality that grips my own state. I live in a small little Democrat stronghold where 70% of the population is registered as Democrats.

After eight years of Bush, with the highest unemployment rates in the state, with half the average income of the next largest county... There is not one single elected County official that is not a Democrat and our elections end in the Primary because Republicans no longer even bother to run for an office. And in spite of all this tradition... John McCain won big in my County.

On the other hand my people. My fellow Okies would never even consider gay marriage and in fact they don't really consider kicking a homo's ass should be called a "hate crime." That's what good old boys do.

The new chick at work told me today her friends were all upset Obama was going to take their guns away. When the hell did he ever say that? And why is she hanging out with those freakin rednecks?

Oh well... it is time to put politics behind us and turn our thoughts and concentration to what lies in the future. Christmas shopping!


D-USA said...

#1, Obama is probably one of the most pro-2nd amendment democrats out there. He favors background checks and such, but not any kind of ban.

#2, It seems like there should be a lot more things that are higher no peoples list of priorities. Who cares if you are packing heat when the economy has failed and nobody can afford to go to the doctor.

Cris said...

Hey thanks! I had no idea where he stood on guns, but it's a non-issue with me anyway. On the other hand I completely agree with you on the economic front being the main concern. I work pretty hard in the service arena and I have been trying to convince some committees to pool efforts on public education. We need to start some efforts to prepare people for the shit storm that is going to hit in about one year. That's about when the ramifications of the recent economic downturn will show up in our state. Then there will a huge loss of jobs and money will be tight like in the 1980s.

It should be a HUGE concern.

Lisa said...

Oh.. didn't you know that O will pay your gas and mortgage?

>/end sarcasm<

Cris said...

I watched that video. What the woman said was she wouldn't have to worry about putting gas in her car. She never said she expected free anything, she was saying that the days of allowing the oil companies to hold this nation hostage are over. I too think the price gougers are running scared because if a real investigation on gas and oil prices is launched we might be looking at Exxon paying damages to airlines, auto industry, and other national staples that were ruined by Cheney's secrete energy policy.

All that stuff about her expecting a free ride was conjecture by the Right Wing announcer. I don't know what will happen under Obama. I am nervous about it (and tax increases on Capital Gains as stated earlier) but I feel good he is intelligent, thoughtful and so far, seemingly not controlled by corporate interests.

Now if it was me: I would be starting a vendetta against some people in the past administration. Charges like Treason, Profiteering, Lying before Congress etc. I would want to make examples so nobody would ever hijack a nation at war ever again. But that's just me.