Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Xmas Xberry

So there we were gathered around the reading table. A core group called "Neighbors Without Shame." All of us have been super busy and we all agreed to be in another quick murder mystery for the Old German(OG) writer. Tonight was our first read through and, for most of us, our first time reading the whole play.

It is another corny take on Dickens "A Christmas Carol." It is set as a 1930s radio broadcast and several of the cast has multiple roles. We get started and several of us, myself included, stumble over the obscure names in the script.

OG: What is WRONG with you people? Have you not ever read the story? Have you not seen any of the hundreds of versions of movies and TV specials? Do you really not know the names of these characters?!!

Girl in the play: I never heard of a Fred in the story.

OG: Fred was Scrooge's Nephew!

Woman in the play: I thought that was Bob Cratchet.

OG: NO! Cratchet was his poor employee who had to work on Christmas and had a starving family back home with a crippled child. Scrooge was his stingy employer who had no Christmas joy for anybody.

Girl: Well, I never heard of Fred.

OG: You need to go watch the movie

Me: Which one?

OG: Any of them!!

Me: OK OK OK so who was this Scrooge guy supposed to be?

That old German looked like steam was about to blast out of his ears... til he saw I was kidding.

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