Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beginning of the End?

So last night I have this very vivid dream that a friend of my daughter's drove up in the middle of the night, and came into the house in the dark. I heard the noise and grabbed a .22 pistol I was cleaning with my son while discussing gun safety. Hey it not all that red neck! The fact is there are guns everywhere in this state. If I don't teach him fundamentals, he could get hurt or killed out of ignorance. AND it's not like I handed him a loaded weapon to play with at will! We unloaded it (it had blanks in it from a community play I had been in last summer) Then we took it apart and carefully cleaned it. Then I let him try to put it back together and we had a long long talk about real guns as opposed to toy guns. Real guns kill what they are point towards. No redos, no taking i back, in an instant what was living is dead and will never live again.

This is followed by the standard Redneck, and if you ever touch a gun without me around to supervise I will beat every bit of hide off of you boy!

OK Guns scare me. I admit it. Maybe to be more precise, my kids around guns scare me! I grew up around them. My Dad loved hunting and was always taking me out to kill birds or some furry animal. I kind of hated it! I liked watching good bird dogs work, that was very pretty to see a well trained and disciplined animal perform. But I did not like killing the animal nor cleaning it nor eating it. I can, I have, there is a real chance I will again. But I don't enjoy it. So maybe the stress I was feeling spurred the dream I had last night.

I dream this boy my daughter is friends with snuck into the house. I didn't know who it was, although I seemed to know all along. I grabbed up the gun my son and I had been cleaning, knowing it was empty, but wanting to use it as a scare tactic. YES I KNOW IT WAS STUPID! CRAWL OFF MY ASS - IT WAS A DREAM!!!

So I go thought the house like a rounded middle age Starsky and Hutch, checking out the rooms and finally bursting into my daughter's room... well, OK I knocked first... No telling what you will see if you get in the habit of bursting into a 16 year old girl's room without warning!! Trust me!! SO I knock, wait a reasonable amount of time to cover up and the burst in with pistol drawn! Only to have the friend step out of the shadows in her room with his hands up saying it was just him.

I can't be sure but I think I pulled the trigger, knowing it was still unloaded... something you should never do with a gun (AGAIN CRAWL OFF MY ASS! IT WAS A DREAM) but I distinctly remember hearing the hammer fall with a click and the friend saying "Dude, you so would have shot me!"

So this is like the second vivid dream I have had this week. I NEVER remember dreams yet now I have two in one week. Isn't that what always happened to Buffy just before the next Apocalypse?

Oh freakin fantastic! Next on Maury... "I'm a female vampire slayer trapped in a man's body!"

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