Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yin and Yang

OK first of all... we have this continual discussion now, "Is it Yin and Yang or Ying and Yang?" None of us have the level of curiosity to actually look it up during the hours and hours we spend in front of a computer or on the internet. No, that would be sensible. That shit just wont fly round here.

Second of all we had a good week. Mrs. Y got on as an adjunct Professor. She is not looking for another job, but teaching is not a job it is more like a calling. We sent people out of state for a work conference and they all got back safely. A good friend of mine got a bug bite that turned into MRSA, but she is home and recovering quickly. My family grew by one more as my cousin had ANOTHER baby girl. Finally, my Brother-in-Law and friend visited and we had a great time

Unfortunately the whole week did not go well. My dear friends that I have been close to since all of my adult life are ending a 30 year old marriage. Mrs. Y still has not looked over the material for her class on Tuesday night. I will be out of town on Tuesday night and not able to help her. My father's sister's husband has been told he has a terminal illness and my mother is facing all new health problems as she turns 68 year old. Oh yeah, and now she is probably mad as hell I said how old she will be on Wednesday.

So honestly I don't know if it has been a good week or a bad week. I tend to have an intrinsic guide that I use to determine if I had a good group of days or not and based on that I can make the following conclusion: It rained over the weekend and we did not get the lawn mowed. It was a bad week.

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