Thursday, August 7, 2008

Palm Springs

I just got some of the pictures back from the big trip. All I can say is we survived 115 degree heat (I think it gets hotter everytime I tell the story) terrible airlines and an Earth shaking Earthquake. Yep, Y2Kette and I had a trip we will always cherish as something we go to share together.


Avitable said...

Aww, how cute. Wearing too much clothing, though.

Oh, and the girl is cute, too.

Nina said...

Great pics!

Cris said...

Avitable: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I saw what you weren't wearing first thing this morning. With my back still slowly recovering I have to get up a bit early and sit in a chair while it stretches. What better place than a computer I ask? So, there I am, all bleary eyed taking my first full swig of morning coffee when I see your Dave-wear and little UnderDave.

Actually we were going into this really foo-foo restaurant built into the side of a cliff. We were trying to look respectable... within 15 minutes we were taking pictures of each other eating calimari that looked like whole sqid that had been battered and fried. Damn lucky thing foo-foo places don't have bouncers!

Nina: Thanks... Cute little girls ALWAYS make fat old bald men look better in pictures.

Avitable said...

Hopefully that woke you up a bit.