Friday, August 15, 2008

News 2 Me

OK During the Olympics you might have missed some of these BIG stories this week. So here's what caught MY attention!!

I was glad to see one of Sports legendary figures doesn't grow old with age. Now I totally believe he would throw eggs at cars with Adam Sandler!

If you have been putting off that family vacation where you drive across country and grab all the photo op's ya can with the clan... you waited a bit too long for this historic background.

My world came to and end this week when I heard somebody beat me to the first Bigfoot. Luckily, these guys might turn out to be quacks and not the real men of science as me and my Bigfoot drin... eh.. Hunting buddies.

By the way, does anybody know why the headline "Bigfoot Fails DNA Test" is filed under "Odd News?" I mean, wouldn't it actually be ODD if the DNA test revealed it WAS Bigfoot? I'm just saying.

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