Sunday, August 3, 2008

You know what I did today?

Stayed inside where it is cool! Sheesh it was 107 degrees in the shade. I had thought about mowing the yard this weekend, but with this heat, all I would do is damage the lawn. It can grow a bit more. It wont grow too much in this searing heat.

I had Jr go around the house and take all the hanging flower pots down and store them for the year. My typical summer schedule is I get flowers looking real nice and the house is very cute and inviting. Then I go to a conference while it is very hot and Jr somehow forgets the flowers need to be watered everyday. I suspect he also forgets daily requirements for the caring for the dogs, brushing his teeth and possibly clean underwear. I do the best I can as a parent, but I can't always be there to make sure he lives up to his responisibilities. But I can certainly point out how not living up to them caused death and destruction. flowers.

I did see the first quarter of the FIRST Preseason game of the NFL!! Jason Campbell started for Washington and they looked pretty good. Payton was not there for the Colts. What was impressive was for the first game, actually a week early for Preseason... Neither team made a single penalty for the entire first quarter. Joe Gibbs is a genius and he turned that team around in Washington. It's a shame he felt like he retired as a has-been. I don't enjoy his style of play, and I never rooted for his players, but he is one hell of a coach.

A friend of mine told me before church that he went to see the new Mummy movie. He said it was really good if you are going for the old escapism type flick, kind of like the second Indiana Jones movie. He also agreed the new Batman movie was the best superhero movie ever made, but he did not really agree it was the best movie ever. He never said, but I suspect any logical mind would see it would take a really awesome movie to knock Tremmors off the throne of Greatest Movie Ever Made.

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