Saturday, August 30, 2008

Opinion Fluff

NOTE: Too freakin lazy to look up correct spelling of names.

I have heard a lot of discussion on Sarah Palin (Am I the ONLY one who sees that name and thinks it reads Sarah Plain and Tall? I am sure there is a psych reason for that... maybe something to do with a word sight registrar?) I hear everything to it's great she is a woman maverick to she is way too lacking in experience. So, in the long standing traditions of "opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and usually they all stink," here are some of my thoughts.

Traditionally the Veep job has been a career ender. In the 1900s when Teddy was elected VP, he was deeply depressed. His political party put him there so that he could not cause any more problems. He was so distraught he left for the wilds of Colorado with his family. Within weeks McKinley was shot in Buffalo and Teddy was on a train back to DC to change history and shape the future... and make Oklahoma a state.

The position has served as either a launching pad for people like Bush Sr, or a political cock-block like for Quale, Dukkas, and Gore. Dick Cheney really changed the scope of the power of the #2 dude. But historically I would say the VP person is of little or no importance for the next 8 years. However, this VP will be stepping into the shoes of Darth Vader who wielded way more power than any Veep ever had before. (He fabricated enough intel to get a war for Haliburton after all... while still receiving a paycheck from the company!)

I think the main things to look at are the people who will make the calls in future policy decisions. I have not paid a lot of attention to Obama because I was informed very early our votes don't count. Oklahoma delegates will vote for whomever THEY want to vote for, despite the primary election. (Good use of taxes) What excites me is that Obama seems to make enough campaign money he could change the face of politics. There are rumors that most of his contributions are from foreign governments. But if he can break the hold Lobbyist and favor-grubbers hold over current politicians, Obama may be the savior this country needs. IF IF IF....

McCain, on the other, hand claims to be a maverick but plays the party line. He wants to stay in Iraq even if it takes 100 years. He votes against Veteran health benefits, he endorses torture of prisoners... after claiming that if we torture it will endanger our servicemen if they are prisoners, like he was in Viet Nam. He has flip-flopped on all of his core values to get more in line with his party. I thought he was the guy to elect in 2000. But as many political analysts have pointed out, this is not the McCain that should have won 8 years ago.

If you are looking to make a change, right now, the guy that stands the biggest chance to change politics seems to be Obama. McCain was too eager to give his values up to the RNC. Now he seems controlled by his wife's purse strings and his party's fickle support. I think the guy who seems more independent and says he wants to make things better for everybody might be the best choice.... but can we get him to cool his jets on capital gains taxes? Sheeesh... at least set some brackets! If I make $15K a year in rental income I don't think it is the same as the guy who makes $20 million in the same year.

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