Monday, August 25, 2008

Gay Bashing

OK I am going to do this gossipy style, like Entertainment Tonight kind of stuff.

The rumor is a well known City Councilman in my hometown was arrested at an I-40 Truck Stop for public sex with another man. I do not know if he was soliciting truck drivers or met a companion. The reports from area law enforcement are kind of crude.

As a result the guy has been asked to resign from the Board of Directors of the local YMCA because he made the other Board Members uncomfortable.

He claims he stepped outside to urinate but will not fight the charges of indecent exposure. The cops say that IS NOT what he was doing with the other guy.

I called just now, asking one of the YMCA Board members if there was a chance this was a prank some friends of (his/hers) were pulling and I was assured it wasn't. The YMCA Director supposedly confronted him and then had him resign from the board.

OK If true, soliciting sex of any kind at an I-40 Truck stop in your home county is not cool to the point of being dumb. Sex in the parking lot is dumb. But does the punishment fit the crime? If convicted he goes on the Sex Offender Registry, right? That is one of the most horrible things you can do to a person. Neighbors fear for their children thinking everybody on that list is a child molester, where as this dude seems to have been with a consenting adult. Plus he will be a total outcast in a town that thought of him as a civic leader just a week ago.

If he had been caught having sex with his wife of 20 years following a anniversary dinner, would he face the same punishment? What if he was single (I think he is actually) and he met some internet date and they did something wild, stupid, and exciting, like sex in the parking lot .... it's dumb, but do they deserve to be black listed? Is there a chance the cops would laugh at them and tell them to take it to a private room? IS THIS GAY BASHING? IS THIS A HATE CRIME committed by the cops because midwestern American Hates gay people?

I blame Bush!

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