Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ooops I Ranted Again

OK so my cousin sends me this Email, he says is just for laughs because they are all good Democrats in his house. But the Email is an old one about how a father talks to his college-aged, liberal-minded daughter and tells her that being a Democrat is like studying real hard while your friends party all night. Then at the end of the semester the school tries to average the grades. First of all it's a stupid ass comparison that was created at least four years ago for the last election. So anyway, I guess I went a bit overboard and had a mini political rant:

Let's say you marry poorly. You work hard all your life, you deny you and your family a lot of the things you want so that they will have everything they need. You pay all your bills, provide for your family and try to save a little for the future. But unknown to you, your wife has amassed a debt off of several credit cards that is greater than anything you will be able to pay off in your lifetime. By the time you realize what a colossal clusterfook your life has turned into, you are way too deep to get out without paying huge freakin payments for the rest of your life.

Isn't the smartest, most logical course of action to get the credit cards out of the hands of poor management? See, no matter how the spin works in RNC created Email, the fact is Clinton balanced the budget.... even after Reagan's voodoo economics and Bush the First's "deficits don't matter" approach. An approach that was so costly it busted the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War Arms Race.

So if the Democrats keep raising taxes, it seems it is only to pay off the debts the Repugs walked off and left to the American Tax Payer. Just like a bad marriage to a bi-polar chick. Sure the sex might have been great but Ding-bat always wanders off to the next best party while Mr. Responsible stays around to clean up the mess and try to restore order.

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