Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mr. BIL Time!!

Hey my Bro-In-Law (BIL) is coming for a visit. My Bro in Law has a lot of qualities I find real cool:

1. He has the same first name as my Dad
2. He has the same birth date as my Dad
3. He is about 5 years older than my Dad
4. The kids love him
5. He love the kids
6. He is pretty much all the family my wife has left besides me and the kids
7. The wife has a place to go if she decides to leave me (kidding)
8. His girlfriend is way cool (for a Republican)
9. He (they) are not stupid
10. They realize what a catch my wife got. They always comment on how somebody in that house married WAY out of their league. I try to down play the comment so it won't hurt the wife's feelings. I'm thoughtful like that.

I don't know if I will be able to post nightly during the visit. Only time will tell.

OH I went to uncensored Google Image search and entered "Opprobrious" misspelled and everything and on the first page I saw not one cartoon or real pic of me or my web site, but I DID see SIX yeah SIX freakin pictures of this chick! How in the WORLD can she have more pics than me when it is the freakin SPECIAL SPELLING of my website that is ON Google?!!! Life just aint fair.


Nina said...


Did you comment on such "scandalous" images on my blog, which is why I suddenly appear within the search due to your new opprobrious name/link?

Somehow it must be all your fault, since you're the guy and all.

Besides, I am fully clothed and behaving properly in those pictures (for once)!

Cris said...

It's a mystery... but I am somehow glad Google thinks we should be linked together.