Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Three (Breakthrough)

So this is my week of the month stacked with meetings. I have meetings all over the place and will be chasing my tail, night and day up until Friday, then I will spend most of the following week filing reports on what I did this week, before I go into committee work for what I agreed to do in the meetings I went to the week before. Yeah, my life sucks, huh?

Anyway, I was in meetings until about 8:00 p.m. tonight, but I knew Team Survivor would trudge on without me. It is my greatest. proudest accomplishment as a Father. The fact that I am a parent who can create a huge undertaking like setting Science on it's ear with the discovery of the missing link, Homo Disgustingus or "Ball Licking Man" as the Cretins have taken to calling him. My children are steadfastly capable and trustworthy to continue this historic dig, without adult supervision, and maintain the painstaking care required in all Scientific endeavors.

My crowning achievement will not be the Nobel prize I will surely win off of my find. It wont even be the public cries that my find be named after me... Opprobrious Man. No, my greatest Ball Licking Man glory has to do with my children. Knowing they are hardworking and self directed shows a level of maturity almost never found among teenagers. While other children are vapid slugs vegitating before some mindless blinking video box, my children learned by following their Father's example of hard work and good living. Yes my crowning achievement will always be my children, and all the Congressional Medal of Honors, Honorary Ph.Ds and lifetime membership to the Playboy mansion are mere meaningless baubles in light of my awesomeness as a parent.

So I get home, and those lazy bastards never dug anything! In fact, the rain washed the dirt we had dug, back into the hole. Science sucks!

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