Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Beat

You know I kind of hurt my back on Saturday at the Gun Show. I didn't do anything to it, other than stand a little longer than normal. Evidently that was enough. So I hurt all night Saturday Night and all morning Sunday. But Sunday afternoon .... I slept all day. I never do that! Well... I don't like it when I do. It's a day I lost with my kids, a day I lost that I could have been building something of a better home life, it's a day I lost trolling for horny chicks on the internet. It was lost and lost forever!

So I was still hurting today and made it in late. It didn't matter, I was busy from the moment I got there and stayed hooked up until nearly 6:00 p.m. At one point I made myself stop long enough to make a tuna sandwich... which by the way... I don't think I drained all the tuna juice out of it, so it was even nastier than a normal tuna sandwich.

I did catch up on a lot of last months paper work and I prepared for a youth group that came in to learn about parliamentary procedure. That was a long meeting where you develop by-laws. But they were just kids, so I went into the meeting with a set of by laws already written. All they had to do was tweak them a bit. They did a good job and walked away feeling they had made a difference. Which is cool, especially if you have ever been on a mission statement and by laws committee. Most people would rather be sodomized by a Velcro covered baseball bat than endure the painstaking misery of mission statements and by laws. These kids stuck with it and walked away with a pretty good start to their new group.

OK I made my point. I work a sometimes very boring but often satisfying job and it exhausts me. So unless you are a hot horny internet chick that is about to IM me, I think I will go to bed.

...... damnit. I guess that means I all I get is sleep. Fuckers.

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