Saturday, August 16, 2008

Run Through The Jungle

So I had this dream the other night. It was so vivid, I am not even sure it was a dream, I mean it was animated, it had a sound track and it had gags and jokes. The memories of dreams fade quickly, but it might have even had a laugh track. The thing is, it was so slick, so well animated in my mind, and so choreographed with music... I've started thinking that maybe I saw it on TV before I fell asleep. Only... I don't watch cartoons.

OK so there was this animated guy I quickly identified with as the ME guy. He was a fat dude and all embarrassed to be in a gym. Worse, he was in a gym locker room, sweat pouring off of him and a bunch of guys that were shaped just like him were getting into the shower. You can see happy smiling faces and bare naked cartoon chests as steam and bubbles float up from the showers. Then there was the ME character, silently trying to work up the nerve to get butt naked and expose all that God did or didn't give me to the rest of the world. It was traumatic man!! So I see these male bodies wrapped in towels or whatever, walking towards the shower and know I have to join them and suddenly the hard driving music of Credence Clearwater Revival "Run Through the Jungle" fills the room. You hear the little impish guitar solo as the Me Character builds up the nerve to pull off my shorts and display this tiny little cartoon blippy thing between my legs. It looks like an upside down McDonalds M but with a little larger little blippy part in the middle.

I can actually feel myself blush in embarrassment, it looks as small as I had feared! Then the me character looks up and sees another guy in the gym, that looks a bit like the me character and... he has a little blippy too! Then I see another and another and soon realize the gym is full of these round old white dudes with nearly the same body shape and they all have teeny little blippy things and they are all happy and talking and life is normal. So, I get all relaxed and feel good and confident. The music blares even louder and I feel almost giddy because I am normal! I fit in! I am just like everybody else... There is nothing to be ashamed of and life is good!! Then suddenly the music stops as if somebody pulled the needle off a rotating vinyl record. A black guy walked in the gym, his towel is whipped off and we were all afraid to look down and lose our sense of confidence.

That's when I woke up and I have been wondering if it was a dream or an actual cartoon I somehow saw and remembered. Oh yeah.. and I can't get that damn song out of my head.

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