Friday, August 1, 2008

Headed Home

Well the adventure winds to an end here in Death Valley. It was hot, we had Earth Quakes, Y2Kette tried to get her freak-on with d-list actor and my credit card is in sticker shock.

New Co-Worker stayed in last night and did her homework for a presentation for the dudes that supervise her grant progress from the Feds. For a chick that was without clothes OR her computer up until the last minute, she did an excellent presentation. In fact, the supervisors called her presentation brilliant. All the others were told to call the grant over-seers and had a list of corrections. New Co-Worker got praise and adoration. Pretty freakin cool!

So I had planned on the final night to take them both out to a nice steak house like Ruth Chris. They went to the pool and kicked back and never ever called me. When I finally called Y2Kette she was eating her Cheesecake Factory left overs and New Co-Worker had ordered room service. So I ordered up a burger and Y2Kette came over and helped me eat it as she played on the internet and I read my new book from Border's Book Store. Living life on the wild side, huh?

It's been fun to get out and feel like rock stars at a big time Spa and Resort. But I think we are all ready to go home and do all the things that need to be done that make life real.

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