Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mini Rant

OK So here I am looking over my Google News Reader when I see a story that has me ready to drop the service. Google is repeating a Newsweek story claiming Obama is making ad that use outdtated quotes to make McCain look out of touch. But then I look at the story and the old quotes they are claiming McCain made are all within the past 8 months and since the campaign started!

Now when did the Main Stream Media report on the bullcrap about Obama wearing a lapel pin? When did they come to the defense of his Muslim background? When does the MSM ever get involved in these issues in a political campaign? They never stepped up to correct the crap the Swift Boaters said about Kerry. They never stepped up to protest the way the RNC used crap to cloud the Florida Election under Gore. Why are they stepping up now and claiming quotes from McCain made within the past 6-8 months are outdated and out of context?

Must be another example of the Freakin Liberal Media, huh?

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