Monday, August 11, 2008

Day Two

It rained so I rented a few movies. Jr quickly pointed out we had already watched the action adventure flick. The problem with movies that are not memorable is, I tend to forget I already watched them. The next movie was a horror movie so we decided to wait until Y2Kette was home. That left the romantic comedy, Mrs. Y2K's favorite kinda flick.

OK How was I supposed to know a movie starring sweet little Jessica Alba was a Wedding Crashers-like sex comedy? So Mrs. Y2K calls me a pig and leaves the room while Jr just learned more about the birds and the bees than I ever knew.

This week is going very very badly and it's only Monday.


Avitable said...

An R-rated "romantic comedy" is usually a pretty good sign that it's going to be raunchy!

Cris said...

OH sure! Sure! Take her side!