Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birthday Wishes

This is the season for Birthdays! My friend Britt just marked off another one, my buddy Adam is dealing with the frightening prospect of a birthday. My good friend Jayme, has one in a few days and the end of the month marks a big one for my wife. Then we still have my son turning 14 on the 14th. It's a big season for Birthdays, and to show how much I care, I made all of you a special cake.

Maybe I should dedicate this coming week to Celebrating Mrs. Cris having a birthday. That would be nice... since I have no freakin idea what to get her as a present.

AND of course the Redneck Diva has a birthday in here too. HAPPY Birthday to all!


Redneck Diva said...

I notice I didn't make it onto your super special all-inclusive birthday post. I guess that's what I get for asking AKA Monty to help me kill you, huh?

Cris said...

uh... maybe you didn't scroll all the way down. Sheesh, I am soooooo insulted that you might think that I could ever miss your birthday!

OK so I added it. You lied about having a baby so you could sell your van. Who is Opprobrious now?

Avitable said...

Best cake ever!