Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today In History

So Lost came back on tonight. Mrs. Cris showed up about 15 minutes late since she had been in choir practice. She demanded to be brought up to date on what had happened. Then about three times in telling her what she had missed, she would grow impatient and grouse, "I can't keep up with this show!"

When we started watching the show again, every time they switched scenes she would become irritable and say the same line about not being able to keep up with the "stupid thing." After the third or fourth scene flip she got upset and left the room, complaining about the show being confusing. The kids and I shared a moment where we all kind of thought that watching Lost was like going to college. Sometimes that just isn't an option for everybody. ...on the other hand... none of know what the hell is going on that show either!

Today was Obama's first day on the job. Regardless of some fears I have heard, the economy is no worse than when he found it, the World's image of us is not any worse and black people have not been declared superior and all white people turned into slaves and/or victims of poverty. I can only assume this means he has failed to meet Republican expectations.

Finally, in case you have been living under a rock in the deepest part of an underwater city landscape...and if you have... that would be SO cool!... but IF you haven't been living under that rock, then you have no doubt heard that somehow this blog was nominated for an Okie Blogger Award.

Yes, you heard me! Somebody, I don't know who, nominated Opprobrious as the most humorous blog in Oklahoma. I have to say it came as a complete shock, and I am not even sure if I knew they still held those Okie Awards anymore. I mean, it just came out of the blue when I was notified by the nominating committee.

ALRIGHT DAMNIT! So I have been checking Okiedoke every 10 minutes since the nominations have been closed. So what if I started a blog called Cris's Mom's Blog just for the purpose of getting nominated! The fact is I am here! THAT'S RIGHT BIZ-NITCH! I am a contender. Other bloggers now know to fear me like Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers, or that guy with the number 3 on his car or Debbie Gasaway, the chick who beat the crap out of me in the 3rd grade. And the fourth. And the sixth. Yeah! That's me!! Respected by fear. The fear of being crushed under weight of my media empire as provided by a free blog service and the power of a Mother's love for her little boy.. even if she might not be aware there are things on the internet in her name, per say.

So I went onto Okiedoke and checked out the competition. Oh yeah, I surfed around and checked out the other blogs in MY catagory. And while I would really like to say this competition is in the bag... there's some REEALLY funny stuff out there! Sheeesh I even had to comment on a couple. I highly recommend you check out the best Blogs Oklahoma has to offer this year. AND if you just happen to be an Okie blogger....


D-USA said...

Damn, Oklahoma would be the only state where Negative Campaigning would work.

Next time I will have a mud slinging contest to beat you down!

Congrats on the nomination. By being nominated you are now officially in the same category as Sarah Palin!

Nina said...

Think you could make me one of those logo pics? You know, something for panty inspiration/getting your groove on sort of thing?

Would Mike be offended?

= )

Redneck Diva said...

Dude. I nominated you. But only because I couldn't nominate myself. That is the ONLY reason.


And good luck. NOT.

Cris said...

D-USA: Ha I would accept your beat down challenge and I am sure I would run away soundly beaten. You understand, once I am on the finalist stage with Sarah Palin... I WILL be taking Tagamilf.

Nina: There, I made a drawing that looked NOTHING like you and Emailed it back. Hope you can gussy it up to suit your blog. I will have to think of ways to add chains and padlocks on your panties.

Diva..? Really you nominated me? Thank you so much! I had assumed all this time it was a family member trying to strategically keep me in the computer room so I wont end up talking to them. Yeah, we're close that way.

OH and I SOOO Nominated you too! Mike can't confirm or deny anything like that can he? I mean HIPPA rules or patient/client privilege protects us... right?

♥georgie♥ said...

I might as well close up shop ....I am NOT worthy...
I have secretly been stalking the competition ;-)
Good Luck to you in 'OUR' catagory or is it catergory oh heck CAT!!!
Your blog rocks!

Cris said...

Thanks Georgie. I went to your blog also, but I couldn't figure out how to comment. It was funny and I really enjoyed the farm pictures. Your Grandpa (?) had an amazing kitchen in the background. It was the kitchen I remembered seeing as a kid growing up, it was like it was frozen in time from the 1950s and way cool.

Redneck Diva said...

I don't think HIPAA applies to blogs, but I could be wrong. And I think Mike can be bribed with snickerdoodles.