Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wherein I Rant on TV

Dear Tim Kring (Creator of TV Show HEROES)

As you probably know, Redneck Diva supports widespread illiteracy and has no problem with your show... hence her failure to complain to date. I, on the other hand, READ TV Guide. I see that many people think your show blows mighty chunks this season, nearly as mighty as last season, where you were given a free pass due to the writer's strike. In letters to the Cheers and Jeers, I see retards try to defend your random good and evil tv show players. I will make no such token gesture of the indefensible.

See... Let me 'splain to you something I like to call Character Identification. If you have a character that you have shown us to be good and have virtue and values, you need to show a bit a fidelity in the representation of said character. See we, the American viewing public, have vested several hours of our free time trying to follow your lame-ass story telling efforts. Let's take Nathan for example. If Nathan proved he valued family, country and the greater good in the past two seasons, it is INSULTING for you to portray the current change. It is not unreasonable for Nathan to have a political disagreement with his brother Peter. That seems inevitable, as Nathan leans Repuglican and Peter seems to want help others, which would make him a Democrat. BUT it IS Highly unreasonable for Nathan to want to kill Peter for said political disagreement. That extream level of unreasonableness is why your show is sucking up NBC on Monday nights and killing off my most excellent Chuck buzz.

Timmy. Baby. Listen to me dude... STOP BEING A FACKTARD AND FIX YOUR SHOW.

The entire writing staff at Opprobrious

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