Saturday, January 10, 2009


My friends, I have recently received evidence of campaign fund raising efforts by one of my opponents that is so heinous, so deplorable, it defies all that is good and wholesome about these great Okie Blogger Awards.

Now I am not one to point fingers or name names in a political contest but REDNECK DIVA seems to have no such scruples in her quest for statewide domination of the Most Humorous Okie Blog title. Just this morning, I found a grease stained gunny sack on the front porch of my trailer house, next to the dog food bowl and between the old refrigerator and old furniture I still might decide to use someday. Inside that grease stained gunny sack I found this:

I think the evidence speaks for its self. There can be no doubt that Redneck Diva is taking advantage of the weakness of the fragile male ego (male bashing if you think about it) and using this weakness to coerce a highly influential population into buying a product based on pure vanity.

Whats worse, I know for a fact the product does not work! I tried this so called, "Male Enhancement" cereal and could not distinguish any difference in grip or heft. I call upon the Redneck Party to get control of your candidate and stop preying upon the weakness of men with inferiority complexes, like myself.

This is yet again, a prime example why Okie Bloggers should vote for Opprobrious for the 2008 Okie Blogger Awards!


Redneck Diva said...


Enjoy! Keep on eating - maybe it takes a day or two.

And the words "could not distinguish any difference in grip or heft" made me spit sweet tea all over my laptop. Dagnabbit.

Cris said...

THANK you!! You would not believe the number of people I work with or live with or am MARRIED to that I read that line to and got no response what-so-ever!

I mean, COME ON PEOPLE!!! It's not like we are having sex here! I expect SOME kind of interaction to let me know if I am having a good time or not... sheeesh! ...if there's time that is.

So end conclusion... I think WE might be the only people I know with a sense of humor.