Thursday, January 1, 2009

Opprobrious Victimized

MY opponents in the upcoming vote, claim I have sold-out to big pharmaceutical corporations. Redneck Diva exclaimed when reached by our crack reporting staff, "...Huh? Opprobr..what? Look I don't accept solicitations over the telephone. Stop calling my house!" She refused to comment further, but a friend of a guy who said he knew her neighbor's mailman claims REDNECK DIVA is starting a horrible whisper campaign that Opprobrious is now in the pocket of big time pharmaceutical corporations.

Dear reader (hopefully there is more than one... but I am playing the odds based on my sitemeter) NOTHING could be further from the truth! Honest! The stance of the writing staff here at Opprobrious has never changed from day one. Health Care should be a right in this country just like education. And our little blog never accepted paid advertisement for over priced life saving medication. NO! We only accepted money for elective, personal enhancement products. It's like steriods but for bagging hot chicks, so really it is a non-essential product that enhances life. Plus, it is the hope of the entire Opprobrious staff, that with increased sales of this product, production prices will eventually fall to where we can all enjoy the benefits of this exciting new self enhancement product.

But then another form of competition rared it's ugly head when Monty over at The Daily Bitch, who is also an Okie Blogger and was the runner up for the Award I was denied last year. Our ace reporter went to investigate her reaction to the underhanded Redneck Diva attack strategy.

"Well, she never would accept my calls and the police say she is in the process of getting a restraining order against me ever contacting her again," said the unnamed Opprobrious reporter. "However, I still have a strong feeling we are meant to be together... eh... in an interview!! Hey do we happen to have any samples of Tagamilf in the studio?"

So there you have it. Proof positive that I, and the entire blogging staff at Opprobrious, has been the subject of viscous, slanderous attack strategies of fellow Okie Bloggers. I can only hope you Email Mike and demand he disqualify both participants and possibly any other blog in competition with us. Then, and probably ONLY THEN will we stand a chance of getting a real award as a quality blog.

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