Friday, January 2, 2009

Stumble Bummed

This is crap man! Yeah, yeah I know I used a bad word. What the hell are you going to do, report me?!! Evidently it's too much trouble for you to do that on Stumble. You KNOW what I am talking about. You load Stumble on your computer and when you see websites that you like, you click the thumbs up. The when other web surfers see your recommendation on a search engine, they know it is worth their time to click.

But I just did a Google search of "Opprobrious Blog." This website was listed quite well... but there are no Stumble marks. What the hell man?!! Am I the cheap date you pick up after the frigid chick you took to the movies and filled with McAffordable meals, refused to put out? Oh sure, SURE, I'll still preform. But it is more for my benefit than for you, so... alright so I need YOU more than you need me. I can deal with it. I can accept my lot in life.

I am the double bagger you pick up with promises of cheep beer and a ride in the car with all the windows rolled down. But I refuse to stick my head out the window and enjoy the air blowing through my ears. I refuse for about 4 minutes then I can be denied no longer! My tongue flapping in the wind I slather the side of you car with my excited drool. But you only take me to the dark places where you will never be seen with me. You are embarrassed and ashamed to be with me. I KNOW IT!! I CAN TELL!!! If you really cared there would be some Stumble marks!!

Eh..... Now I am wondering if I even got nominated for an Okie Blog Award. You DID send in some nominations, didn't you? I mean there is no shortage of other entertaining Okie bloggers to choose from like my friend Kelly, or those two "also rans" in the humorous category. You know, the Queen of Negative Marketing and Marques of Dirty Tricks. Oh and don't forget my buddy over here, because you should ALWAYS support your local firemen.

Take a little time, then go over to Mike's place and vote the American way... Vote Early and vote often!


D-USA said...

I have actually tried to go click on the Stumble link, desbite your Rove Style Politics, but I get an error message whenever I do.

Cris said...

You know I tried to click on that link from my blog and it was messed up. I went back and checked the link and it was right, so I am guessing the problem is with Blogspot. If you go to you can get there.

It's really a lot of fun. When I was staying with my Dad in the hospital I used it a lot and found the coolest sites. If I had true DSL at home I would probably never blog because I would be surfing all the time!