Friday, January 9, 2009


So do you know these guys? They have to have all the bright and shiny things. They have the best stereo and the flashiest car and they have the bestest, baddest, coolest crap ever? Have you met that guy? DO you know him? Are YOU that guy?

You know the guy who feels special because he is driving the new car that costs more than he can make? He treats others like they are not as smart or as good as he is because they don't have all the bling he shows off all the time. He is boastful of his this or his that and he shows off the bright shiny things that caught his eye and he decided he could not live without because he deserved it. He doesn't care about economic futures when there is a new coat or new shoes or a new TV he feels he deserves. His pay check is carefully measured out so that every dollar is accounted for and allotted to various payment plans. As long as nothing goes wrong, nobody gets sick or prices never change. He feels proud he can plan that close.

And it never once crosses his mind that others see him as a mindless puppet of every salesman that decides to make him their bitch.

Yeah, I want to be that guy.

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