Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Word on OU

I know, I know, the International appeal of Opprobrious means that a majority of readers will not only have not watched the BCS Championship game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida Gators, but they won't care about the outcome. I, on the other hand am an Oklahoman. And in most instances that should be all you need to know. Reporters joke that news papers are mostly wrapping for the sports pages that deal with football, because in Oklahoma football is EVERYthing.

Once again OU played for the National Championship. Once again they lost. They were in the five yard line twice and blew the opportunity to score. The Heisman winning quarterback threw two interceptions. The defense failed to hold when the big stand was needed. Once again my state feels no joy in being the second best team in the nation. They take no joy in a great year that produced an amazing team with yet another Heisman Trophy winner. No, the entire state feels like a loser because OU lost the last game of football and around here, football is everything.

I would like to say the team was not out-quarbacked, in spite of how the Fox announcer team seemed to have a man crush on the kid. Tebow did a great job and this is not sour grapes. Their team was the best out there. BUT OU's quarterback Sam Bradford did an outstanding job. His two interceptions hit his receivers in the hands with seemingly perfect placement and perfect touch. But they failed to clutch and the defenders took the ball away on the bobble.

The worst part is that will be Bradford's final memory of his home state. He won the Heisman, there is a need for young talent in the NFL and he would be foolish to risk injury playing for free when he can now make millions by turning pro. I wish he could stay here and play his final two years of eligibility, but pretty soon we are going to hear if Sam decides to go or stay. Either way, I think Sam and the boys did a fine job and I thank them for another great year of Oklahoma football. Because, after all, in Oklahoma, football is everything.


Lisa said...

Jeez.. I hate that picture. Makes me not to want to comment.

I'm so sorry that Oklahoma lost. I'm even more sorry that Florida won. Now they're going to be more obnoxious than ever.

Cris said...

hehe I debated myself over the pic and then decided it was more appealing to most viewers than a simple helmet.

We have never had any contact with he Gators, so I was unaware hey were obnoxious. I did think maybe the quarterback was running for Saint the way the announcers said he cured Leprosy, Hemorrhoids, bad breath and economic crisis while visiting Ghandi, Elvis and Mother Teressa. And all of that before he was 21 years old and had never had sex or a cavity or made less than an A++ in school.