Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marking Time

OK I am at my office killing time. It is past quitting time but one of the employees started a software download on a new computer and we were afraid the University computer services would mess up if we walked off and left it. So, since I live nearby, I volunteered to stay and babysit a computer while the others went home. Naturally, since it is not MY computer, I said I would sit around and watch porn and the others can take the fall if it is ever found out on the hard drive.

So here I sit, a perfect opportunity in front of me and what am I doing...? BLOGGING! A good buddy was telling me the other night that I was getting too little sleep, missing too much of life and it was all because I feel a need to try to post daily. I don't think of it as an obsession... but right now I have this perfect window for watching porn and here I am wanting to share the news Ricardo Montalban died. AND... the fact that I thought he had been dead for at LEAST the past 5 years, maybe more!

So now I ask you, is it an obsession, or is it professional discretion that makes me choose blogging from work rather than watching porn at work? Yes, I too say discretion. After all, it's the financial manager's computer I would be using. Nope since I am on HER computer and we are told everything you do on a computer is saved to the hard drive for life... AND I am wasting my time here in the office WAY past quitting time...I think I will search Craigslist for "Donkey Show."

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