Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not About Obama

OK So today was freakin historic and America ushered in a new day of hope, idealism and fairness. Today was a day all men are equal rather than all men of worth. Today was the day everything changed blah blah blah. RIGHTTTTTTTTT. I'll believe it when I see it.

But until then I am not going to pin my hopes for tomorrow on a guy I never met and that has no interest in even knowing who the hell I am or what I do or where I live. He can do his job, I will do my job and if neither one of us fucks up too badly, we will live in perfect harmony without ever coming into personal contact or conflict with the other. On the other hand, if I screw up, HE now has the responsibility to either guide me back to the straight and narrow OR to bust my ass before I can do further harm.

Out of professional courtesy, I should try to do the same for him. In the coming days he will screw up, as will I. I hope to be redirected to where I can do good and everybody prospers. I would hope that I would listen to sage advice and make necessary adjustments. I would hope he will respond the same. If I fail to listen or make corrections, I fully expect to be removed from my job. He should expect the same. That is America.

But I won't talk about our President. That is not the purpose of this post. No I wanted to tell you about my day, at my job, where I work to save the world (preferably before 5:00 p.m.)each and every day. Today I went from office to office and found co-workers listening to Internet Radio, watching streaming video and actually huddled around TVs. Watching the inauguration.

Now maybe it was because I didn't feel good. Maybe it was because my back was killing me and I had a ton of work to do before I left for a full day of meetings, but I kind of lost it. "What the hell do you think is going to happen here?" I demanded. "You think after two full years of campaigning, hundreds of millions of dollars, all of the lies, personal attacks, life on the road with total strangers; all for one ultimate goal... and what..? You think they are going to ask him if he will assume the responsibilities of the Office of the President of the United States of America and he might say 'No!'??"

Oh sure I got several responses that were blatant bullcrap. "We are watching history unfold." On the state's dime! "This is historic, not only is he the hope of the future but no more Bush!" I heard all of these responses and none of them justified ignoring work to watch a ceremony on TV until the new chick fessed up the real reason. She looked up over her computer monitor and sheepishly admitted, "I heard he could get shot!"

And there we have it. America loves the little guy, the under dog, the dude that takes a beating but just wont stay down. America loves football, cold beer, and it turns out they love Inauguration speeches for the same reason they love to watch NASCAR. God Bless This Glorious Nation.


♥georgie♥ said...

I didnt vote for him...but i would be willing to vote for you if you vote for me....LOL

I am visiting all the blogs nom'd for the 2008 Okie Blog awards...just wanted to say CONGRATS on your nom!!!

Cris said...

all about quid Pro Quo!

...you go first.

In fact, I am TOTALLY for sale here. It occurs to me that Mike limited the voting to active Okie Bloggers and that has to be a limited quantity. Which in turns, makes me a premium!

Oh YEAH baby! I have a few votes to cast and a few decisions to make! I bank at First National and Trust, so don't be shy on why I should vote for you, or you, or you.

Ain't America grand??

p.s. just kidding. I have way too much integrity to post my real bank's name on the internet.

Cris said...

Oh and thank you Georgie. Congrats on being named one of the best blogs in Oklahoma in 2008.