Monday, January 19, 2009


Mike over on Okiedoke said there was a screw up on his blog and somehow all of the nominations you guys made for Opprobrious to be the most humorous blog in all the Universe (or Oklahoma... whatever) and you might need to re-enter them.

Time is running out. Click the link and vote for your favs. I know I did, and NO, you can not nominate yourself and it is wrong to pay others to do it for you. Mike is playing this all very close to the vest, so we don't even know if Opprobrious or Redneck Diva or The Daily Bitch have even been nominated yet. What we do know is Mike has a bad server and that means it MIGHT be possible to rig this election!

Yes my friends at Diabold Email and Blog Host Server Systems have assured me that there is no chance they will make the same mistakes they made with McCain back in November. Does this mean that YOU should not go HERE to nominated Opprobrious? HELL NO!! Remember, some crybaby whiny-pants losers tend to demand recounts and investigations and want rules and laws enforced. So it is always better to have a legitimate nomination or two tossed into the mix. It makes the political spin so much easier on down the road.

Nominations close tomorrow! Now is the time to act for change. Change is always good, and THAT'S why it always disappears when you take it out of your pockets at night. If you want Change, VOTE OPPROBRIOUS.... and vote often!

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