Monday, January 5, 2009

Not About The Okie Awards. HONEST!!

I know, I know, you are sick to death of reading about the Okie Awards. I know, I know, you think it is all uber intellectual indie bullshit where one egghead seeks the affirmation of another egghead. And I totally agree with you!

But Mike over at Okiedoke made a post today about how well the nomination are going. He said he has had about 75,000 blogs nominated so far but he had to throw a few of them out because some bloggers nominated themselves. Thus I assume Redneck Diva and The Daily Bitch nominated themselves 74,998 times. I say this because I know I nominated my friend Nina and I am positive you nominated me.... right? RIGHT?

ANYhoooo, Mike said he was thinking about expanding the categories for the Okie Blogger awards to where it included best photo blog. And THAT'S when I got to thinking that this blog could qualify for that category! I mean think about it, I have posted cutting edge, Norman Rockwellesque pics of traditional holidays.

Encouraged social activism

Redefined history and started a new fashion trend

And I have been known to dabble a bit in the semi nude art world

I'm telling you, the more I think about it, the more I think old Mike is working full time to promote this blog.


Redneck Diva said...

I have NEVER nominated myself for an Okie Award - I read the rules! This ain't my first rodeo, ya know. I just pay people to nominate me. That's how REAL winners do it. Duh.

Cris said...

Well see, there you have the advantage of me. As a well know and notorious tight ass cheapskate, I could never freely give money away for any reason.

But if I could borrow $20 I'd give you a whole rolls of quarters ... I mean nickels, if you would nominate me!