Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quick Note

We are home. A quick trip across state to wish old Pee Paw a Happy 67th. We go to take him to his favorite restaurant and show him another wonder of his new Satellite HDTV system. For the past several months I have asked if he had DVR and he would bark "I don't need any of that crap, all I want to do is watch some Bull riding or boxing!"

While Jr snuck off to the other room to watch Cartoon Network on the old TV, he found hours and hours of pre-recorded shows of..... wait for it...... Boxing and Bull riding and Porter Wagoner shows. My Dad is as tough as an old boot. He shattered his entire right side from the collar bone down and spent two full weeks in the hospital just trying to regain the strength to stand. He never made a sound when they yanked the chest tube out of him. He told the Physical Therapists to "get the hell out" of his room because he was tired of "fucking with them" anymore... and that was with an epidural IV of pain meds just so he could breathe and about three feet of garden hose stuffed around his lungs.

I am telling you he is one tough cookie. But when he saw he had nearly 25 hours of his favorite boxing, bull riding, and poker shows recorded and waiting on him to watch... well I am not sure, but I might have seen him tear up just a little.

Happy Birthday Daddy.

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