Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hey a few days ago I was checking out the competition and I saw one of them had a slick little sitemeter. Now the one I found off the winderful wild world if internnets was full of promises and high tech graphs and really smart looking things... but I never could remember my password and I think I installed the wrong code. So as you can guess, it was full of bugs, which I totally blame on the guy who made the site that gave it to me for free.

Yeah it was kind of like herpies but it never effected my love life. Although I think I am curently in what could be called the love after life. Yeah, it's THAT dead.

ANYHoooo I added a new counter the other day. It looks like Opprobrious has several new viewers and I wanted to welcome you to the party. Please don't be disturbed by the shockingly low number on the sitemeter. That is less than a week old for a blog that is less than a year old, so I feel pretty darn good about the number of hits that are here.

So, in closing, I highly recommend checking out other bloogs and stealing as many ideas as you can get away with!

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