Thursday, January 22, 2009

A little on the Environment

So let's talk a little bit about the environment. Sure it's a touchy subject in the summer, because a bunch of Northern pussies can't stand the heat. See they think that if you pollute you will destroy the earth. Evidently if you allow garbage to build up it will unbalance the planet and send us careening into the sun. They call this global warming.

Well I don't believe it! You know what else I don't believe in? Carbon footprints! As I understand it, following a briefing from my trusted advisers at Reynolds Lumber and Hardware store, a carbon footprint is based on the carbon gases you cause just by day to day living. But see, here is the deal, it ain't gas that causes footprints, Gas causes skid marks! Hell everybody knows this. So that ought to tell you them brainiac know-it-all scientists that Yankee Liberals are always talking about don't know crap about basic life functions, which is, in essence, Science. And you add all that up and reach the conclusion SOMEBODY has no idea what they are talking about.

Therefore I live life like a Real Oklahoma American. Happily tossing garbage out the window of my Cadillac Escalade (Donated to me by my friends at Shell Oil)with the air conditioning running and texting ideas for this blog. SO there you have it. life with other bloggers involves driving itty bitty uncomfortable cars that could get you killed in an accident while trying to hold in your gases, or you can live free and Opprobrious.

Opprobrious stands with other Great Oklahomans like Tom Coburn and James Inhoff. We don't listen to horror stories from pin-headed PhDs. No way, we do our own thinking!

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