Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snooze News!!

OK big news is, we are headed out on a road trip this weekend. We will drive across state to hang with my Dad for his 67th Birthday. He has had a rough health year, the only year he has ever had any health problems, and we hope the last year for a long long time.. I mean... the last one in a way where he lives forever kind of thing. As a result my daughter with her first time big girl job can't walk away from the workplace and will stay home alone and unsupervised. Yeah, I know, that's exactly how she got pregnant. I know! It's what my mind has been screaming at me too.

So the other day I drank my usual 4 travel mugs of coffee, which is equivalent to three cups per mug, and settled down in my car and listened to NPR all the way to Stillwater. About a 2 hour drive. But today I read that if you drink in excess of three cups of coffee a day you are bound to hallucinate, and I clearly drink three times three cups a day. So now I am wondering, did I really listen to two solid hours of engaging news and discussion, or maybe I just thought I did!

Then there were the teenagers that every boy dreams of dating and every old man wishes he had. They got all caught up in sending naked pictures of themselves to the boys in school and life was cool! That is, until one of the geniuses forgot to turn his phone off in class and the Principal starting flipping through the pics of the confiscated phone. Yeah, the Girls were charged with trafficking child pornography!

Finally, the news that should make me a shoe in for the Okie Blogger awards!! Sam Bradford has decided to return to OU for another year of football! That means the top three Heisman candidates of this year will all be playing another year of football for free! ...unless you plan on becoming a college ticket holder. Then maybe the term "FREE" might not apply.

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