Saturday, January 31, 2009

Politics Makes Me Sick

Yup you heard me. Politics makes me sick. Why just today I was given a dossier of my worthy opponent in the 2008 Okie Blogger Awards competition and her deplorable business of selling false hope with empty promises. And I am not talk about the regular run of the mill campaign promises that other candidates (like myself) have made but never intend to fulfill. No I am talking about The Redneck Diva promising to grow hope where nothing positive has ever sprung before. Shame on you Diva for making those promises and Shame on you fellow Okie Bloggers for thinking I would sling this kind of mud in a close close race of respected bloggers.

While the Diva seems to have a staff that is running out of control in soliciting big time marketing opportunities that can be raked in after winning an Okie Blogger Award, I still respect many of her business efforts. Her action figure market is really enviable and lucrative enough I have a team of attorneys (my cousin in his spare time) looking into copyrighting the image of all things short, fat and bald. So while I am disgusted by her Breakfast food chain, and don't like having hotdog breath all morning, I really admire her line of dolls.

She is complicated but I guess as long as she stays out of the T-Shirt market we can both continue to live in this state... assuming of course I win. Otherwise you KNOW this state ain't big enough for the two of us!

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